Boiler Tube


GB 3087, GB 5310, GB 6479, GB 9948, GB/T 13296
ASTM A 106M, A 192M, A 210M, A 213M, A 335M
JIS G3456, G3461, G3462, EN 10216-2, DIN 1717



Carbon steel, Mo steel, Cr-Mo steel, Cr-Mo-W Steel and Austenitic stainless steel.


For manufacturing wall panel, economizer, reheater, superheater and steam pipeline of boilers.

Boiler tubes need to withstand high pressure and temperature.

We offer one of the most comprehensive steel tube portfolios for all kinds of modern energy production and the corresponding auxiliary units. We also supply products for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our tube products are distinguished by maximum pressure and heat resistance, strength and durability.

For the use in oil-fired, coal and gas power stations, waste incineration plants and boilers in the cellulose industry, Premier Steel and Pipe offers tubes with a heat resistance of up to 620° C. What is more, we also offer tubes with an internal profile that ensure ideal heat transfer thanks to their unique internal geometry. At request, we supply steel tubes with a length of up to 23 meters for heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) of gas-fired power stations and produce complete serpentine tubes for superheaters.