Alloy Tubing

4130 Alloy Tubing is commonly referred to as Chromoly, which contains chromium and molybdenum as alloying elements. Chromoly is superior to mild carbon steel based on a strength to weight ratio, making it widely used in applications that require less weight but similar strength. Such as roll cages for race cars, high performance bicycle frames, and fuselages for aircrafts.

4130 tubing meets ASTM A519 Cold Drawn MIL-T-6736B Condition N/ AMS-T-6736B
Stocked Size Range: 0.250” OD – 6.0” OD; 0.035” wall – 0.625” wall thickness
Stocked Lengths 17’-24’ random lengths
All common off road sizes available

4140 Alloy Tubing is a low alloy steel, with the addition of chromium, molybdenum and manganese as alloying elements, combined with heat treatment, gives 4140 alloy the advantage of hardness, ductility, and strength. Commonly used in applications for Oil and Gas, Agricultural equipment, and heavy machinery components.

4140 Alloy tubing Meets ASTM A519 standards
Stocked Size Range: 3” OD – 15” OD; 0.375” wall – 2.0” wall thickness
Available in Annealed, Quench and Tempered, and Normalized
Cut to length service available

Benefits of Round 4130/4140 Alloy Seamless Mechanical Tubing

Superior tensile strength to mild carbon steel
High strength to weight ratio
Heat treatable to a broad range of strength, machinability, and hardness.

Aircraft components
Oil and Gas components
Agricultural Equipment
Hydraulic cylinders
Rollers and Collars
Control Arms, Roll Cages, A-Arms
Motorsport Chassis
High end bicycle frames

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